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Q - When is the best time to come fishing?

A - This is a very common question asked, yet difficult answer. Scientists say that Atlantic Salmon are non feeding fish once in fresh water . Therefore we are not trying to figure out feeding habits. Water temperature, barometric pressure, river levels all play a role in how well salmon "take the fly".

Q - How do I know which fly to use?

A - This will depend on water levels, clarity and a variety of factors. Your Guide will assist you with fly selection based on their expertise and experience. General rules of thumb to remember are: faster moving or deep water - use larger flies . Conversely lower or slower moving water - smaller flies . The colors - black and green are magic on the Miramichi, never a bad choice. Fall (September on) - orange, gold, reds are a smart choice often in streamers.

Q - Are the bugs bad?

A - May through mid July is considered worst. After that much more moderate. A "bug jacket" is advisable if you have one, and of course fly repellent is a good idea to bring along.

Q - How long do we spend on the river?

A - On average about 8 hours a day. This is typically split between morning and evening sessions. These are considered to be the most productive times to fish for salmon.

Q - Why do salmon jump?

A - This is an age old question that there are many answers - non of which we know for sure are accurate. For fun ask your Guide!

About The Guides

Meet some of the Best Guides on the Miramichi ...

The quality of guides can make or break a fishing trip. We are fortunate to have some of the best professional guides on the Miramichi. Our guides know our waters intimately and will help you choose the right fly to suit the water and weather conditions. Bullock's Lodge guests will experience Atlantic salmon fishing at its best.

Dan Bullock

Dan Bullock - Bullock's LodgeWhether it was fishing for brook trout and salmon or bird hunting to playing hockey on the outdoor rink, snowmobiling or exploring on his ATV - Dan grew up loving nature and the outdoors. At age 10 began cutting grass and painting boats at Tuckaway Lodge and his "official" guiding career began in 1990.  Since then he has received a hospitality diploma and worked at various lodges as well as a 5 year career in the automotive industry. Since 2001 Dan has been back on the river full time and became camp manager in 2004 while maintaining full time Guide duties. His outdoor pursuits have taken as far away as the Ponoi River in Russia, to Louisiana during duck season. He is also a volunteer fire fighter and involved in different conservation causes and associations.


Renate Bullock

Renate's journey on the Miramichi began in 1966 with her husband Fred at Rocky Bend. Returning as guests each year until 1973 when they acquired river front property in Boiestown (from "Griff - Inns" Outfitter - Clayton Stewart).  Her professional guiding career began at Tuckaway Lodge in 1986 with 2016 marking her 30th season on the Miramichi. Along the way Renate has invented her own renowned salmon fly the"RBM Muddler".  During this time she has become a highly respected expert Guide and fly tier and has been featured on CBC's "On the Road Again" with Wayne Rodstad, and landed numerous large fish including a 37 pound salmon in 1987. She was inducted into the Doaktown Salmon Museum Hall of Fame in 2012. Her enthusiasm for salmon fishing and guiding is as strong as ever and she is always a guest favourite.

Vince Swazey

He started fishing at five years of age and at nine was guiding fishermen, poling a canoe and taking his 'sports' to the fishing pools. Vince continued to guide until he was through high school. Then for a few years, he tried many different jobs in New Brunswick & Ontario. . . always returning home to the Miramichi River at every opportunity. By 1961, he decided there was no place better than being near the river and returned home to the Miramichi to raise a family, & make a living at what he loved most. That spring, he took over management of Tuckaway Lodge, a business his father had started in 1938.