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Walter Scheffler

Tuckaway guest NB cover shot". Photo by Renate Bullock August '06. Click photo to enlarge.

The Fishing

Experienced the magic of fly fishing for the greatest game fish in the world - The Atlantic Salmon

Our pools are located on the Main South West branch of the river all with in a mile and a half of camp. This adds to the convenience and pleasure of your experience as there are no long drives or unforeseen delays in getting on the water. We have modern jon boats and late model outboard motors to transport you to your destination. All of the pools have relatively easy wading and there own unique characteristics. Our typical schedule includes morning and evening fishing with a break mid day for your relaxation. For your enjoyment we typically work different pools each fishing session. It it also common to witness a bald eagle or osprey soaring over head or a doe and fawn deer grazing on the rivers edge. Don't forget a camera!

The Gear

What should I bring? Here is a list of must haves for your trip.

Fly rods 7 through 9 weight lines are best. Spey casting and switch rods are also becoming more popular each year. A reel with with a good drag system is necessary. Atlantic salmon are strong and this piece of gear is very important. Make sure to have at least 100 yards of backing between your reel and line. From June until October floating fly lines are used. We prefer weight forward (WF) lines for ease of casting. Occasionally an intermediate or slow sink may be used, but not a necessity. We typically use "Maxima" brand leader material or similar. Tippets range from 6 to 8 pound test, we also recommend a spool of 10 pound.

Flies are often best purchased locally. If you would like to have some in advance of your trip - email us and we will make some recommendations.

Breathable waders in either waist high or chest high models are a must. Felted or studded bottom wading boots are also highly recommended as well as a wading staff. Don't forget a good rain jacket.


Which Season Is For You?

Atlantic salmon fishing on the Miramichi begins April 15th or as soon as the ice leaves the river. During the Spring season (April 15 or ice out into the first week of May), you will fish from motor boats with one guide and one guest per boat. Spring salmon that have spent the winter under the ice are often eager to take flies as they are hungry and are feeding. Large streamer pattern flies are used along with a full sink lines. This is exciting fishing as the fish are strong and love to run. The spectacular Summer run starts in early to mid June through August when bright, silver salmon fresh from the ocean begin to arrive in our pools. August is often popular for dry fly fishing. Seeing a fish break water and your the fly is the ultimate. The Fall run starts in September and continues through October 15. This is a wonderful time on the Miramichi with beautiful fall colours, cool nights and lots of leaping salmon. No matter when you chose, the memories will last a life time.

Live Release Outfitter

Preserving & Protecting ...

In 2009 we were recognized as a "Live Release" outfitter by the Atlantic Salmon Federation. It is a commitment many Outfitters are making in the industry and we plan to up hold this designation to help preserve and protect wild salmon stocks. If you have any questions regarding this policy please feel free to ask. We encourage membership in conservation groups such as MSA and ASF.

Bullock's Lodge (Tuckaway Cabins) is a member of the New Brunswick Outfitters Association (NBOA), the Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA) and the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF).